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DISTRICT GROOMING COMPANY is a place for the modern man and social club for all. Family friendly environment, Luxury service, and a great atmosphere. Gentleman from all walks of life can enjoy. 


Born in Hartford, CT Kendall "Tahoe" Lance is the youngest of three older brothers. Early on in life Kendall knew that he wanted to be a barber. Starting out at the age of 12 when he first cut his own hair due to not wanting his mother to cut his hair anymore. Kendall decided to ask one of his brothers friends ones at day to shape him up and his friend showed him step by step on how to achieve the perfect edge. After practicing his craft on himself, Kendall decided to branch out and started offering shape ups to his friends and family. Loaded with a generic beard trimmer Kendall did is best and the clients were pleased. But Kendall knew that wasn't enough. 


Before the age of YouTube and tutorial videos Kendall stayed in the barbershops looking at local barbers skills and technics. Kendall loved the atmosphere of the barbershop and before and after effect only a barber could give. Kendall paid close attention to the hair and customer service aspects of the industry. 


Kendall started cutting his friends hair and providing excellent customer service. The word spread and the people took notice to the work and work ethic that was giving. With no formal training Kendall decided to enroll in school. His school of choice was Paul Mitchell The School Orlando. Kendall made sure that he was there everyday and involved in every aspect of barbering. Going to events, participating in school activities and clubs. Kendall was exposed to more then just barbering. 

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